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How Long Does Recovery for Gum Graft Take?

Posted on 3/30/2019 by Edward I Jutkowitz, DMD, PC
How Long Does Recovery for Gum Graft Take?People have many questions when they have to undergo any type of medical procedure. They want to know why they need the procedure and what it will do for them. Along with these questions people will want to know what happens after the gum graft procedure. They want to know how long the recovery is. If the procedure is a gum graft, this is what they can expect.

The Basic Answers
For most people, the recovery from gum grafts is fairly short. The procedure takes place in our dental offices and a person can leave within an hour or two of the completion of the gum graft. It is time to observe for any possible complications from the anesthesia and the procedure. Once a person is ready, they can return home that day. The rest of the recovery happens at home and lasts one to two weeks.

During those two weeks, a follow up appointment can check to make sure the graft heals properly.
Each person is different. There are also different types of gum grafts. These things and what the person does during their recovery all play a role in how long it takes to heal from the gum graft procedure.

Speeding up Recovery

While it is best to have patience while recovering from gum graft, that does not mean there are not things to do that can speed up the recovery process. Following a few simple things can help your body heal faster.

•  Get extra rest - Extra rest and avoiding exertion will allow the body to heal faster for any procedure including gum grafts.
•  Liquid Diet - Solid foods can get stuck in the areas surrounding the graft and can affect recovery time. A liquid diet can prevent this from happening.
•  Rinse with salt water - Wait for 24 hours before this, but rinsing with salt water after eating can help remove any debris from the graft site.
•  Vitamin A and C - Foods high in these vitamins can help the body heal faster.

Once the gum graft heals, you can keep it healthy by following good oral hygiene habits. To learn more about how to care for your teeth and gums, contact the professionals at our offices.
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