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What You Need to Do to Start Treating Gingivitis

Posted on 4/15/2020 by Edward I Jutkowitz, DMD, PC
What You Need to Do to Start Treating Gingivitis Are your gums bleeding when you floss? First, be honest – are you even flossing? Having bleeding gums can be an early sign of gingivitis, a disease that affects the gums when excessive plaque buildup forms around the teeth. A precursor to periodontitis, gingivitis is wholly reversible if caught early, but if left untreated, can lead to tooth decay and eventual loss of your teeth. If your gums are bleeding, take a deep breath and don't panic. It's not too late for you. Getting an early start on an oral hygiene regimen can put you back on the path to a healthy smile.

What is Gingivitis and How Can I Reverse It?

Gingivitis is a type of gum disease that occurs when plaque, the scummy bacteria buildup that builds up on your teeth, accumulates on your gumline. If not regularly removed via regular brushing and flossing, this bacteria-laden buildup can attack your gums, leading to infection. Signs that you have gingivitis include having red, swollen gums that bleed when you brush or floss. Other symptoms include halitosis (bad breath), pain or sensitivity in your teeth or gums, and eventual tooth loss. Fortunately, you can take steps to reverse your gingivitis at home. To optimize your oral health, we recommend:
•  Brushing twice a day, for two minutes each session. To ensure you remove all plaque buildup, use a soft-bristled brush and hold it at a 45-degree angle to get up under the gumline.
•  Floss daily. Start with an 18” length of floss and cup your teeth in a c-shape. Sweep along your teeth using a gentle sawing motion, taking care to get under your gumline. Use a fresh section of floss per tooth.
•  Use a fluoride-based toothbrush and follow up with an anti-microbial mouthwash.
In addition to carefully brushing your teeth and flossing, it's extremely important to schedule regular appointments at our office for an oral health check and a cleaning. Routine dental appointments can help you stay on top of your dental health and, if we do see any problems starting to form, we can help you stop them in their tracks. To schedule a comprehensive dental exam with a cleaning with our skilled and professional staff, give our office a call today!
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